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Hey everyone:)

So, exactly one year ago, I decided to create an account on this site and now one whole year passed and a lot of stuff happened...
For those who just decided to watch me but basically also for everyone else (also for me a little bitxD) I want to review what evolution I have gone through:3

I had no clue about digital pictures and I always liked pictures simply drawn by pencil on paper, so... 
the first uploads were some traditional pictures like these where I focused on doing Gym Leader pictures, very nostalgic to look backx)
Viola and Vivillon of Santalune City by TheWhiteScatterbug  Roxie and Whirlipede of Virbank City by TheWhiteScatterbug  Cilan and Pansage of Striaton City by TheWhiteScatterbug

Then I kind of wanted to do something else though and wanted to continue the Gym Leaders at some later point (never did though until now...)
December last year I decided to do a Bug-type Pokemon Advent Calendar where I actually uploaded each day until Christmas a new little picture and on Christmas itself a huge celebration pic followedx)
Bug Pokemon Advent Calendar - #01-23 by TheWhiteScatterbug  Bug Pokemon Advent Calendar - #24 Scatterbug by TheWhiteScatterbug

After that several random funny pics happened and also some contest entries, where I actually won one:dummy:
Such Wonderful Ribbons by TheWhiteScatterbug  Too old for Pokemon? by TheWhiteScatterbug  Dancing Queen ~ Lopunny by TheWhiteScatterbug  To The Moon And Back by TheWhiteScatterbug

Then to be honest, I came into a huge block where I uploaded nothing for quite some time...
At some point though, I found the spirit to get back to drawing, and as I got a graphic tablet as a gift, I decided to try myself at digital art.
The first pic out of that phase, was a drawing for a shiny Pokemon giveaway, the giveaway itself was really nice, but now that I look a the pic itself, it seems kind of crappy to mexD
*Giveaway* Free Shiny Pokemon Set #1 (CLOSED) by TheWhiteScatterbug

After that though, I think I became better and better and so more pictures happened, under them for example the second shiny giveaway or the Mega Swampert pic, which actually reached over 100 likes:D
(For those who wonder, I'm still planning to do more shiny giveaways, just didn't have the time._.)
I also did several ORAS journal with some news from around that point on, I hope I didn't bore you or anythingxD
Azugastro is love, Azugastro is life by TheWhiteScatterbug  All hail Volbeat! by TheWhiteScatterbug  *Giveaway* Free Shiny Pokemon Set #2 (CLOSED) by TheWhiteScatterbug  Mega Swampert Uses Brofist by TheWhiteScatterbug

The period between those digital pic was quite large though, because I rarely found time to draw and I wasn't in the mood very often, I apologize for that...
It got worse for me when uni was about to start and I had to prepare for that and I was in a lot of stress since it took me forever to find an apparment in that city.
But luckily, I was able to find a new place to live and now I'm through that horrible phasexD (Thanks to all who wished me good luck finding one;), I have no WLAN yet though, so no WiFi for meT_T)
Living alone is a bit stressing too, but it's also nice to decide for yourself and stuff:3
As a result of that, my spirits got lifted and I did a special halloween picx)
Compound Eyes by TheWhiteScatterbug

...then it's Novermber the 10th again and one year passed.
I think I got a little bit better over the time and if you haven't seen it yet, today I uploaded a new piece of art:D
(Comparing this to my first digital pic, my skills became quite neatxD)
Mega Pinsir - The Predator by TheWhiteScatterbug

And that's it:3
Over this year, I nearly got 6000 pageviews and 118 crazy people actually decided to watch mex)
Thanks for doing that or faving my pics and for commenting so often at my pics or journals, it really means a lot to mex)
I plan to do way more pic this year, traditional as digital and maybe even some non Pokemon picsx)
I'm looking forward to it~

The absolute last thing I have to say is, that it is true that I made an account here to upload my art...
..but I also hoped to find some nice people on here, and boy, I didxD
From Canada over Norway down to Australia, I have met a ton of friends and I'm really grateful for that, I send hugs out to you allx):hug:
At point, I should also thank Pokemon, for letting me meet so many amazing peoplex)

All right, I think I wasted enough of your free time, sorryxD
I wish you all the best, see ya;)
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  • Drinking: Water


TheWhiteScatterbug's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:pokeball: How is it going everyone? :pokeball:
My name is Matthias and i'm (of coursexD) a HUGE Pokemon Fan:)
I'm a guy with a rather unique taste, considering Pokemon as well as artxD

My favourite type of Pokemon are the ones that are often overlooked, in Pokemon and in real life. Yes i'm talking about bugs. These guys can be fascinating, if you just give them a chance:)

To my art, well i only need a piece of paper, a pencil and a rubber to be happy:D
Traditional pics for the win:dummy:
But i recently got into digital drawings too, so the variety is realxD
And of course, most of my pictures will be Pokemon related:)

Alright, that should give you a nice short impression of me:D
Thanks a lot for checking my site out or even reading this. That would be absolutely crazyxD
See ya around and never forget: Have fun with your Pokemon:D


Also, i have Pokemon X:meow:
If you want to exchange friend codes to have a battle or to have a new safari, i never say no to that:dummy:
Just add my friend code which is: 5043-2560-9429 and drop a comment down in the comments with yours and i'll add you as soon as i can:)

Oh, and here is my fancy stamp-sectionxD:
Bug Pokemon Stamp by depp 666 - Vivillon Jungle Pattern by Marlenesstamps Bug-Type Support Stamp by Natsu714 Volcarona stamp by Kintsy #127 Pinsir by xXEclipseTheCatXx Shiny Skorupi by Marlenesstamps Shoreline. by Hamshireh RD Stamp - Elizabeth by TamarinFrog Rock, Paper, Scizor by InnocentDrive Viola Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps Gliscor Stamp by JessicaBane501 346 Cradily by YukinoTenshi23 masquerain stamp by senavi +galvantula stamp+ by x-nauts Emboar love by TheLeetCasualGamer Leavanny Stamp by Arisu95 212-1 Scizor Stamp by Pokestamps Durant Stamp by MSX-Lover-1989 Shiny Whirlipede by Marlenesstamps Pokemon TCG Stamp by Gokulover4ever Pancham Stamp by smileystamps
Omastar Icon by Lagomorphas Omastar Icon by Lagomorphas Omastar Icon by Lagomorphas Omastar Icon by Lagomorphas Omastar Icon by Lagomorphas Female Omastar Stamp by OshawottGirl Omastar Icon by Lagomorphas Omastar Icon by Lagomorphas Omastar Icon by Lagomorphas Omastar Icon by Lagomorphas Omastar Icon by Lagomorphas
Yeah, Omastar is my favourite Pokemon, gotta praise the helix xD

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